About Us

Our Inspiration

We've put together the best all-natural ingredients in creating one of a kind products for both women and men, delivering brilliance and confidence for your hair & skin.

All of our products have a purpose, to solve your problems from everyday dryness, blemishes, discoloration, stretch marks and acne. A brand made just for you.

The Mission

The motto is simple: Solve everyday problems with everyday ingredients.

Black & Nerdy Apothecary is a curated line of hair & body products made in small batches. Our name stands for: Black (for our proud Caribbean culture - Ayiti Cheri) & Nerdy for our goal to educate you on the benefits of each ingredient in our products.




Meet Gigi & Her Story

Founder and CEO of B&N Apothecary, Gigi found natural ingredients that addressed the problems that many products could not solve today. Her products tell a story that inspired her to bring Black & Nerdy to life.

What started with a BIG chop in 2010, in college, and after trying dozens of hair brands, products, and various combinations, nothing seemed to work. It was when I discovered my allergy to coconut, eliminating a majority of hair products on the market. That's when I took matters into my own hands. Through a LOT of trial and error, I began creating a product that worked for me, Shea + Cocoa Hair Butter. From there, not only did it help with my hair texture, people on campus were interested to know what I've used and Black & Nerdy Apothecary was born.





- Exodus 30:25